Industrial Relay 24V DC 2NO Rail Mount IP20 26x53.7x75.5mm

Code: RG25-1022-28-1024

Relpol RG35-1022-28-1024 24VDC Industrial Relay 2NO IP20 26x53.7x75.5mm

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  • Power relays of general application
  • AC and DC coils, insulation class F: 155°C
  • High breaking capacity: AC1 – 10kVA
  • 35mm rail mount acc. to EN 60715
  • High insulation dielectric strength
  • Applications: control of electromagnets; systems of heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning; control with single-phase motors; catering industry machines and equipment; automation systems; photoelectric systems; etc.
  • Recognitions, certification, directives: ROHS, CE, EAC
Contact Data:
  • Number and Type of Contacts 2NO
  • Contact Material AgSnO2
  • Max Switching Voltage 400V/440V AC
  • Min Switching Voltage 10V
  • Rated Load 25A/400V AC; 25A/24V DC; 0.3A/120V DC13, 0.15A/250V DC13 (R300)
  • Motor Load 3/4 HP acc. to UL 508
  • Min Switching Current 10mA
  • Rated Current 25A
  • Max Breaking Capacity 10000VA AC1
  • Contact Resistance ≤ 100mΩ
Coil Data:
  • Rated Voltage 12, 24, 110, 230, 400V AC; 12, 24, 48, 110, 220V DC
  • Must Release Voltage ≥ 0.15 Un AC; ≥ 0.1 Un DC
  • Operating range of supply voltage Enquire for more
  • Rated power consumption 3.0VA AC; 1.7W DC
General Data:
  • Dimensions 26 x 53.7 x 75.5mm
  • Ambient Temperature -25…+85°C
  • Cover Protection Category IP 20, EN 60529
  • Shock Resistance 10g